Marko Pogačnik

28.09.2006 |


Marko Pogačnik, born 1944 in Kranj, is co-creator of the OHO movement (1965-71) and the artistic/rural community Šempas Family (1971-79). After 1979 he has invented the art of acupuncture of the Earth, called lithopuncture. He is author of the coat of arms of the Republics of Slovenia and vice-president of the Movement for Justice and Evolution.

Selected lithopuncture public works:
Lithopuncture on both sides of the border between Republics of Ireland and North Ireland (1992),
Lithopuncture of several cities, among them: Villach (1995), Klagenfurt (1998), Aachen (1999), Nova Gorica (2001), Quito, Ecuador (2003), Zagreb (2004), Prague (2005)
"Star of the Alps", Merano, Villach, Maribor, Gstadt, Bohinj (1997)
Lithopuncture of the landscape Circuito das Aguas, Minas Gerais, Brasil (1998)
Lithopuncture of the Swiss Seeland landscape (1998-2005)

Collective exhibitions:
"Information Show", Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1970
Aktionsraum Munich, 1970
Trigon, Graz, 1977
Venice Biennalle, Yugoslav pavillion, 1978
Global Conceptualism Show 1950-80, Queens Museum of Art, New York, 1999
Venice Biennalle, Hungarian pavillion, 2000
"Living Art on the Edge of Europe", Kröller-Müller Museum, Holland, 2006

Books published in English:
A Hidden Pathway through Venice, 1986
Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings, 1996
Healing the Heart of the Earth, 1998
Christ Power and the Earth Goddess, 1999
Earth Changes, Human Destiny, 2000
The Daughter of Gaia, 2001
Turned Upside Down, 2005
So Wide the Heart, 2006

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