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Guest student at (SNDO) School of New Dance Development Amsterdam/Holland (1997-98). Laban Method at São Paulo University (1989-91) and Classical education at Stagium Ballet (1983-1991) – during this time being in touch with many other techniques as: contemporary, body awareness and eutonia.

Awarded with APCA (São Paulo Critics Association) award as choreographer in 1995 as well as MAMBEMBE prize as theatre director in 1989.

One of the founders of ESTUDIO NOVA DANÇA. Worked as director and permanent teacher during its first two years (1995-1997) – period in which the studio received the MAMBEMBE 96 and APCA 97 awards for its project TERÇAS DE DANÇA.

Integrated CEC- body studies centre, oriented by Helena Katz at PUC University.

“Having the body as the main source and understanding it as knowledge production, the constant challenge I propose to myself is to perceive the flow of conceptual changes and how it modifies my work, establishing new relationships and questions.

Transiting among a variety of languages as a survival strategy, this nomad reality allows me to experience logics and modes of perception of the world, contaminating and being contaminated by this communication practice.” TB

Among her projects and collaborations are:



-SINK SOLO – concept and performed by - MELKWEG, Amsterdam-Holland, 1998

-BREAK THE CODE – concept and performed with Carole Perderau, Carlos Pez, Cristina Quijera and Zeca Nunes - MELKWEG, Amsterdam-Holland, 1997,

-QUASI FUGA - concept and performed with Cristian Duarte, 1996

-IBLIS concept and performed with Cristian Duarte SESC VILA NOVA,Centro Cultutral São Paulo-Brasil, 1995/96,


_CANIBAL – collaboration/ performance, concept by Marco Paulo Rolla, Vermelho gallery, MOSTRA “O CORPO” Itau Cultural, 2004/2005, Brasil em Cena, HAU ZWEI Berlim-Germany, 2006,

-PELES E TATUAGENS URBANAS – developed performance about Ricardo Ribeimboim’s script - 50 years of Bienal - 2001; São Paulo-Brasil,


- on ICE, choreography intervention for the runaway show of Thaís Losso, ZAPPING winter collection 2005 - São Paulo Fashion Week 2005; São Paulo-Brasil

- Performance created for the fashion designer LINO VILLAVENTURA runaway show, summer collection 2004/2005 - São Paulo Fashion Week 2004; São Paulo-Brasil.

- FLESHION 1, open-air performance, “Big Saturday Fashion” organized and curated by Erika Palomino and Jackson Araujo, Paulista Avenue; São Paulo/Brasil, 2004,


-MOVE. MOV, in collaboration with com CRISTIAN DUARTE , MARIANA JORGE e BETO GRIMALDI - 2000; São Paulo-Brasil,

CRISTIAN DUARTE is a dance maker graduated in Advertising and Creation from the Communication and Arts Department, Mackenzie University, São Paulo/Brasil.
Since 1995 he has been dedicated to contemporary dance, artistic creations, investigative projects and body studies initiated with Cia. Nova Dança in Sao Paulo/Brasil.
In 2002, he graduated from P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts, Research and Training Studios), directed by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker/Rosas in Brussels, Belgium.

“One of the characteristics of my artistic practice has been the non-place as a spatial logic, the constant and temporary transit of ideas, places and people.
More than an artist, I consider myself a producer of conditions. Creating contexts to test new textures, methodologies and practices, besides enabling my reality of an autonomous dance professional, nomad, navigating among differences, contrasts and contradictions.

I understand dance as knowledge production and, I like to think of creations as opportunities to promote challenges and intriguing collaborations, as well as a mechanism to reflect and discuss about our environment.
If art is communication, my practice is the one of finding a better way to deliver a point of view, to access the other and share my inquietudes, my fascinations and collapses.
I like to think in transformation, multiplication and dissemination of ideas, contents and practices.” -- CD

Among his projects and collaborations are:

médelei – (eu sou brasileiro (etc} e nao existo nunca) - a dance creation supported by the city of Sao Paulo and national award FUNARTE-Petrobras, premiered in 11 August 2006 (SESC Santana-Sao Paulo);

whatapostrophes wrong question mark – a creation being developed in Belgium, supported by the Flemish Government-Cultural Department and co-produced by In the Wrong vzw (Brussels), Bomba Suicida (Lisbon), STUK (Leuven), Rosas (Brussels) and Monty (Antwerp), in collaboration with Shani Granot (IL), Peter Fol (BE), Nada Gambier (FIN) and Alice Evermore (USA), to be premiered in February 2007 at Monty Theater;

Quintet – research project in collaboration with Paz Rojo and Peter Stamer, initiated in June 2006, supported by PACT Zollverein (Essen/Germany);

Basic Dance – dance performance duet, a project by Paz Rojo, produced by LISA and Gasthuis Theater in collaboration with Kanuti Gildi Saal (Tallinn/Estonia). Supported by Amsterdam Fonds Voor de Kunsten and Fonds voor de Podium Kunsten (2004), premiered at Gasthuis Theater in September 2004;

Alta Necessidade – solo performance supported by Sao Paulo Cultural Center - Dance Program 2003, receiving the São Paulo Critics Association Award (APCA, 2003);

Embodied - commissioned by Springdance Festival (Utrecht/Holland) and co-produced by Théâtre de la Bastille (Paris), Melkweg (Amsterdam) and Werkhuis Producties (Brussels), made in collaboration with Shani Granot (IL), Fabiana Dultra Britto (BR) and Peter Fol (BE), premiered in April 2003 at Springdance Festival;

‘From this moment on…’, short dance piece commissioned by Transitions Dance Company from Laban Center through “The Bonnie Bird Award” (London, 2003), made in collaboration with Shani Granot (2003);

Middle High Tones – piece created in collaboration with Shani Granot, premiered in April 2002 at Springdance Festival Dialogues Preview (Utrecht/Holland); - dance-video, made in collaboration with Thelma Bonavita, Mariana Jorge and Beto Grimaldi (2000);

Pressa – solo performance supported by REDE Stagium/Sao Paulo. Winner of Mambembe and São Paulo Critics Association Awards (1998).

Quasi Fuga – dance performance duet, project by/with Thelma Bonavita (Sao Paulo, 1995).


More information on the artist’s activities can be found at (online soon, September 2006).

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