2023 SE

13.09.2006 |

project projection

author: babaLAN

title: 2023 SE

2023 SE project deals with facts. The launch of the Endeavour Space Shuttle flight that carried Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata in 1996 was postponed for five minutes because the shuttle's course may have overlapped a U.S. military satellite's path. The Japanese Space Flyer Unit that Wakata retrieved during the mission had almost 500 dents on it. In July of the same year, the French satellite Selene lost some of its parts after it collided with suitcase-sized debris. In plain language, space debris is anything Up There that can interfere with a spacecraft – including other spacecraft. It is estimated that currently there are over 110,000 pieces of untracked space debris with diameters more than 1 cm and over 40 million pieces with diameters of more than 1 mm. At closing speeds reaching 50 thousand km per hour, even the smallest bits of space debris can cause serious harm to spacecraft; larger ones cause catastrophe. 2023 SE includes a glove lost by astronaut Ed White on the first American space-walk, a camera Michael Collins lost near the spacecraft Gemini 10, garbage bags, a wrench and a toothbrush. The debris is increasing at a rate of 2% to 5% every year and scientists at Chinese Purple Mountain Observatory pointed out in 2006 that at this speed, nothing will be able to enter the space orbit by 2300.

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