Home Hunger

13.09.2006 |

Each morning I feed 500 birds*. Their cages form my house. I take a ladder and dismantle the house. First I feed the birds that form the roof and then I shift them so that they will be the foundation of the next day's house. The boxes in which the birds live rotate in a way that no bird spends two days in the same place. The boxes have names, as birds have names, too. Each bird's house changes position from day to day, while my house remains "the same". Sameness and diversity. Will each bird recognize the others? Will each bird be a neighbour to the other?

The birds are used to cages, they are domestic – domesticated birds. They do not know what is outside. It is about outside that in this case is also inside. The interior covers the exterior.


After the exhibition, the artefact – the bird cage is distributed among those who know what to do with it. Those who want to can also purchase one or more birds, as the birds will be borrowed.

*After further consulting an ornithologist about the communication between different species of birds, I will take into consideration the birds' way of life when populating the space of the bird house.

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