The MOLAT Retreat

12.09.2006 |



Title: The MOLAT Retreat

by: Irena Pivka in Brane Zorman

Year: 2023

Content: international artistic retreat on the island of Molat (Croatia)

Admissions: documentation will be available on: and from January 2023.

The Molat retreat will take place in September of the same year.

Intent: unconditional rest and relaxation of the selected group of artists in the stressless environment of the island milieu. Any planning, considering upcoming projects, deadlines, submissions, exhibitions, archiving and such is considered undesirable. Moreso: it is considered very undesirable. With this in mind, admissions will be based on artists’ submissions of plans for numerous non-activities to be realized during the stay on the island of Molat.

Ten to twelve artists will be able to attend.

The project will be prepared by authors Irena Pivka and Brane Zorman (CONA.SI) and Maska. Funds are expected from MOL and MK.

Technical rider:

- 19 to 21 inch TV
- DVD player

Other selected work: Lawrence Weiner – »SOME SAND – SOME HEAT«

Irena Pivka
Brane Zorman

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