05::50 / 2023 - 2025 ::

12.09.2006 |

Two years to go until the third staging of the 50-year theatre performance.

ANAR::H :: The building of a sign system and its silent reading are your part of our need, to read your signs out loud is my effort in our art.

Support for additional languages and selection of a language ::
To understand, so that we can both be unintelligible. We educate ourselves by elaborately polemicizing, I with myself, and you with everything outside us.

The history of shells before the ocular thrust :: You reveal and open to me your research into floating, memory, and my noise. Your compositions never sink into narratives; when the concept finishes the temporary language starts, finally speaking in our transformations of coincidences.

Control sentences, script language :: Our complexity is geometrical, designed with information zero and caught in the grip of biomechatron gestures!

Gestures in the grip :: The void, the view of the void, the vertigo of the aesthetic and the intensity of chance make us complete and link us to our cosmic acceptance of existence. You produce space for our descent into purified consciousness, into time zero, into information zero and attraction zero.

Comparison of thoughts :: the properties of shells through the verification of the setup medium :: Our construction of an artwork consists of information concerning the level of the material already built in. And of disinformation! With your research work you install also parallel, temporary concepts for us.

Selecting signs, matrices and parentheses :: We get entangled in and go over our determinations, because we cannot renounce them. We are irreplaceable and exclusive and we hang to the edges of the concept.

Digital sampling encompasses refined firmness, multimedia :: Our plan is a consistent and methodical transition from the universe into the void!

Intensified adaptability without apparent connectors :: Our signs sing about our system in the void. Our composite modules sing about a composition in the void of all voids, pure and noisy! They have woken up the void over there. Orientation towards the depths of space is a must, orientation towards the depths of consciousness is our obligation and commitment to art.

Dental architecture :: That is why we have taken, and will continue to take, avant-garde and modernism as our points of departure; they have always intertwined manner and crisis.

Identity setup, administrator password setup, and making a backup copy :: We need to transport sensitive forces into the world of consciousness, we have to cast light with their tenderness on the spaces of patterns. Duality introduces a contemplation of chance into our endless vector.

Dunja Zupančič :: Dragan Živadinov

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