Mysteries of the Orgasm, September 2006 for 2023

11.09.2006 |


Eclipse: The Mysteries of Orgasm

performance + photos


The idea:

Since founded, Eclipse has researched human sexuality, its norms, derivations and ideological implications. Thus, the duo is slowly but surely becoming an authority in the field of artistic rendition of sexuality. Therefore in 2023 the two authors will be well versed in all aspects and mysteries of the female orgasm, enabling them to teach contemporary authors and the interested public all about it.


There are 9 performers in the performance. The set design derives from Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson of Professor Tulp from 1632. The red-headed artist lies on the dissection table, and the blonde spreads her vagina open with tools while lecturing the other seven on the mysteries of the female orgasm. The seven are male Slovene artists, chosen according to the wishes of Eclipse.

The performance will be documented with photographs. No audio or video material will be recorded of the entire performance. The mystery remains a mystery, it’s only explained to the then and there public and never again.

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