Nostalgia, 2006

11.09.2006 |

Proposal for Maska No. 200

Elmgreen & Dragset

"Nostalgia", Elmgreen & Dragset 2006

This architectural installation consists of a plain rectangular underground bunker constructed in white concrete (300cm x 400cm x 700cm) and with a cherry wood floor. The audience enters by descending a staircase which leads them through a steel door and into the space. Fourteen oxygen masks hanging in pairs from the ceiling provide the spectators with fresh air while they look at Gilbert & George's "Black buds" from 1980 (Black heralds the burgeoning of life, 241cm x 201cm) - the photo panels depict some branches with buds which are almost about to burst. The black and white photographic work by Gilbert & George should be hung on the end wall of this rectangular space, and 7 cherry wood benches of a simple design (just big enough for two persons to sit close to each other) should be situated right under the 7 pairs of oxygen masks. Spectators should be allowed a stay of 30 minutes. 

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