27.09.2006 |

Sometimes I think
I don’t want to think it
I thought it before, though
A joke, I thought …
But now
I sometimes think
And I don’t think
It’s a joke anymore
Sometimes I think
We are heading for
Something like
The new middle ages
Something like
A New Dark Era
Just like
When Roman ‘Civilization’
Was replaced by Christian ‘Truth’
A period of thinking
Of doubt, despair, sex, drugs, life, whatever …
Was replaced by a period of believing
A period of absolute certainty
A period of absolute hate
Because just to live is just too complicated
In 2023 I would like to create something
A movie, a play, a whatever
About what I sometimes think
About that we maybe are heading for
Something like the new middle ages
A New Dark Era
But that won’t be possible
Just because of that
What I sometimes think
That in 2013
We will be living
In the new middle ages
And people will feel safe and secure again
In 2023
No doubts anymore
No needs for anything ‘creative’
Just that one absolute ‘truth’
It’s the same old lie over and over and over
But people feel safe
People only can live
With a lie
But I
Have only one – although not absolute – truth:
In 2023 I won’t be alive anymore
I think
So at last
In 2023
I won’t be lying anymore
Isn’t that wonderful?
No lying anymore
In 2023?

Gerardjan Rijnders
Amsterdam, 04-05-2006

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