National Exhibition of the NSK State in Time, 2006

11.09.2006 |

Moderna–Exhibition 2023
National Exhibition of the NSK State in Time

The question you are asking is: what kind of project or, better, which particular project, already defined today, will you carry out in a sufficiently distant future (your suggestion is 2023)?

The date has not been determined yet and so we cannot promise it will be in fact in 2023, but we can guarantee that in the future we will organize a state exhibition of NSK State's modern art.

As you already know, the NSK State in Time, established in the early 1990's, has over 4000 citizens and in the future their number will even rise. Although it is true that in terms of population size it cannot compare to most other states, one can claim that in terms of the structure of its citizens it is already an international superpower. Among its citizens are numerous extraordinary, world renowned artists, art theoreticians and curators that would be envied by even the most developed nations in the field, while most other countries can hardly compare to the NSK State in the field of modern art. It will not be hard to assemble from among them an eminent team of curators and invite them to select and present the extraordinary achievements of the NSK State's citizens at its first national exhibition.

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