A Long Song to an Unknown Spectator

18.09.2006 |

IM going to write a song during 17 years …
It is going to be a long song sung to an unknown spectator.
Every year, I will write and sing a new verse and make a video recording of it.

2006 … First verse …

2007 … Second verse …

2008 … Third verse …

In 2023 there will be 17 video recordings that put in one space next to each other will make a choir of different versions of me singing that one song, each me being one year older, each verse adding another layer to the song.

There will be a chorus after every verse and all of the 17 versions of me will be singing it together.

This song will be a 17 years long engagement to the unknown spectator … singing love, hate, politics, resignation, excitement, boredom …

In different verses of this song in becoming, my voice will change, my body will be different … my gestures, my surroundings, my gaze … the spectator’s gaze, too.

IM 33 now. I will be 50 then.

Let’s sing it! Let’s start now.

IM, May 2006.

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