NSK Boules Match, 2006

11.09.2006 |


In 2023 – exactly 40 years after the historic formation of NSK – Laibach invite the surviving members of the original Neue Slowenische Kunst groups to a boules game. It can take place in the ŠKUC gallery in Ljubljana, on Kum or in any other symbolic place from the history of Laibach or NSK. The game will be played in an adequately large sand pool or on a standard boules pitch. Each group plays with four players (missing members can be replaced by close colleagues) and eight balls. The balls are marked with the symbols of the groups. The jack is marked with the NSK emblem and carries the name Retroavantgarde. The game is played according to the traditional boules rules of approaching and displacing balls and adding points. The first group to reach 100 points wins. In case of controversy, a team of three referees rule; the team is composed of: Peter Weibel (chief referee), Marina Gržinič and Eda Čufer (assistant referees). If Peter Weibel should not be able to officiate in 2023 for any reason whatsoever, he will be replaced as chief referee by Marina Gržinič, and her position as assistant referee will be filled by either Inke Arns or Alexei Monroe, which will be decided by lot. For refreshments we will have Stilinovič's cakes from his "He who works fears not hunger" series from the Moderna galerija. The winning group becomes the owner of the jack – the Retroavantgarde – until the next, by then already traditional, NSK boules game.







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