17 Years into the Future, 2006

13.09.2006 |


17 years into the future

I will have finished the 4 films I'm working on and the 3 a.i. bots,
but more, I will have created a world with my avatar SSOFFT that is
life sustaining, harmonious, and integrated and the information from
that second life will fully integrate into the real world transforming
culture into a new dynamic.

Biological systems will be scanned and ownership copyright will be
retained from source individuals. Aging will be obsolete. The air will
be pure. There will be new systems of symbiosis and integration of
software into people and the reverse.

The planet will be at peace and SSOFFT will be able to create things
that become true in reality of metaspace, for a life of living and
breathing and dreaming. The scars will have healed. 











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