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Experimental Lab for Information Arts and Sciences 





ELIAS, Experimental Lab for Information Arts and Sciences, is a living and conscious organism, which constantly alters and reinvents itself. It is installed into the New Earth www, on a place where the New Earth is coming into being. It is a constructed implant, a site where alternative knowledge, wisdom, happiness and unbiased creativity germinate. ELIAS is a constellation of innovative bodies. Innovative bodies as conscious creators, are the bridge for humanity to become integrated into an expanded living reality. Intending the future evolution of human beings ELIAS is engaged in multi- and inter-disciplinary cross-boundary research into unknown areas of human cognition and creation of new hybrid operational structures. ELIAS is a processor on the intersections of parallel worlds.

ELIAS works on developing new ways of operating with technology of consciousness and producing new devices of conscious technology. ELIAS generates an alteration of perception, change of emotional and cognitive frameworks and expands the notion of reality, as it continuously opens itself to the new venues of (im)possible. It generates new ways of reading, new grids for understanding and new interpretations. It invents new forms, new languages, new symbolic articulations, new structures, new systems of production, new modes of being and producing. It participates in creation and evolution of a new life, new self, new worlds and beings. ELIAS is an innovative act of ru/apture of reality.

ELIAS is a self-organized and self-regulated collective of innovative bodies, existing solely through connectivity and exchange. It is a transformative organisation that encounters, connects and interacts with the other. ELIAS is a source of new information and life and is a new force of their creative manifestation. ELIAS is incipient conscious interaction of spirit and capital. 







When truth dies,






A new realm of creative expression opens,






For those who refuse to believe in ghosts.
























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