Maria Klonaris - Katerina Thomadaki
Skymakers on a Planet Named Ambrosia

11.09.2006 |


A piece of Hyper Space Art

from the Extragalactic Cycle

Two women artists survived when the Earth sunk under total pollution: ecological, political, economical, technological, biological, sexual, organic, inorganic, etc.... They were projected by a vortex explosion into the interstellar fluid and discovered themselves alive on a planet named AMBROSIA.

On AMBROSIA they found immaterials which they started collecting: subatomic curiosities, anti-matter patterns, travelling magnetic fields, extra-cerebral data, out of body communication clouds. They developed performative dynamics in order to merge these immaterials and reformulate their fates. They thus constructed a laboratory for the manufacturing of new SKIES.

New SKIES would be perceived not through the eyes but through a new respiratory web extending like an invisible membrane around AMBROSIA. Contact with this web would instantly creates new forms of breathing through nomadic organs hovering in the void. These organs would provide the feeling of being permeated by a palpitating sky.

New SKIES would be fragrant. No chemistry, but combined shreds of wind which have kept the memory of phantom flowers: shapes and colours previously unseen ; scents unexperienced.

Fragrant SKIES would allow new forms of ecstasy. Deeper than mental, sexual or narcotic ecstasy. Eros unhindered. Freedom to move together on high speeds and to materialize visions without prosthetic devices -- machines and computing systems made obsolete. Freedom to travel out of space and time, freedom to (re)collect and (re)create past, present and future, absence and presence, freedom to taste the hematite pearls of the AMBROSIA rocks, freedom to experience BODY as SKY.

Klonaris/Thomadaki, 2006/2023 






 Katerina Thomadaki, Self Portrait with Urban
Pollution Statistics. Copyright Klonaris/Thomadaki, 2006








Maria Klonaris, Self Portrait with Urban Polution
Statistics. Copyright Klonaris/Thomadaki, 2006

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