Proposal for Rhythm 0, 1975, remake 2006

11.09.2006 |


Marina Abramovic 
Arteast Collection 

Moderna galerija 

This is the first invitation in my life which I have gotten 17 years in advance. It is very interesting to think in terms of future in connection with your own life. When I got the invitation the first thing that crossed my mind was, how old will I be? I will be 73 years old. Will I be alive then? What will my state of mind be? Where will I live? And if I will do any work, what kind of work will it be??????????????????????????????????????????

My concept is very simple. I would like to work with the idea of repetition. In your collection you have the work Rhythm 0, which I donated to the museum. I made this work in 1974. I would like in 2023 to give permission to the museum to announce an international audition for any performance artists who wish to repeat the Rhythm 0 performance. I give permission and trust to the museum to organize the audition and make their own choice of the best performer to do so.

The repetition can be done in two ways: by studying the original material and repeating the performance exactly following the instructions, or to make one’s own free interpretation based on the original concept.

Instructions for Auditions
The jury would be made up of the curators from the museum as well as established performance artists. Each participant has to present 3 short live performance pieces, each not longer than 5 minutes. The committee will judge the artist’s ability to remake Rhythm 0.

The piece that will be shown with my work is the Jan Mlcoch photographic work from 1975 (this is from your collection, shown on p. 128 in your catalog 2000+).

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