28.09.2006 |


A Project of a New Civilisation

Art is a creative power. If there were enough creative people to direct their creative powers towards forming a new civilisation, instead of investing them in creating artistic objects, we could change the face of the future world.

The project of a new civilisation is based upon an equilibrium between personal freedom (I) and the integration of individuals into the body of society (II). If each individual consciously followed the path of his or her personal evolution, it would be possible to create a healthy, happy and creative social community. Yet a community of people can not be healthy, happy and creative if it does not cooperate with the other beings and worlds that constitute the Earth cosmos (III). (See the attached drawing.)

A multitude of creative actions by individuals and groups will make the Sociogramme of a new civilisation possible in daily life prior to 2023. Besides the author's contribution, it includes the creativity of participants known and unknown world-wide, who follow a similar path. Even if we do not know each other, there vibrates a silent consensus among us, woven from heart to heart, from idea to idea, and from action to action.

The Sociogramme of a new civilisation is not merely a vision. It is created as a result of experiences and thoughts that are already in the process of manifestation. It is in tune with the movement of cosmic cycles and the Earth transmutation process. There is no way to avoid the Sociogramme's realisation, even if it happens within a culture that does not take it seriously.
The Sociogramme makes us understand that, with the “alternative” culture, we are not witnessing a random arrangement of events and creative actions, but a follow-up of collective inspiration, guided by personal intuition.

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