What about Two Thousand Twenty-three? 2006

13.09.2006 |



Our video is a reflection of the idea of future. Which reads through nowadays immobility in society, its conflicts, resistances and survival strategies.

We believe that we can manipulate present information to project hope and responsibility for future plans and actions.

Our project is, actually, an adaptive strategy to this proposal. To the idea of future.

Our notion of planning in Brasil is very emergency/urgency oriented since we have a very fragile experience regarding long term time schedules, planning, continuity and investments in any cultural and educational program.

We make art here as a strategy for surviving the next day, with extremely little and precarious State recognition and support (inclusive exclusion - mechanism identified by Giorgio Agamben).

Therefore, to think about next month, or even next year, it’s a hard task!! Then 2023 seems to be utopian at first. But, believing in utopia doesn’t mean impossibility, we confronted our present ideas and current situation in this projection for 17 years ahead.
Our topic in this video is on manipulation to dismantle perception. We are asking questions as a desire to mobilize ourselves and rearticulate existing symbols and references in our environment.

Cristian Duarte and Thelma Bonavita



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