Remembering 2006

11.09.2006 |

In 2023, Tim Etchells will create a project looking back on the year
2006. Comprising a textual description of daily life and personal events
that occured in 2006 – as remembered by the artist in 2023 – the project
Remembering 2006 will explore the difficulties of remembering and the limits
of language in trying to bring memories to life. Remembering 2006 will also
be a (doomed) attempt to think back to the time of 'innocence' before the
radical, rapid, often violent changes which the world has undergone in the
interim – an attempt to make sense of the distance between the measured
clarity of "back then" (2006) and the deep uncertainties of "now" (2023). 

Image for the project:
An old digital photograph of Tim Etchells taken by the artist Vlatka Horvat in May 2006. 

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