12.09.2006 |


»(…) due to many commitments and anextremely heavy diary (…)«

»(…) due to a very busy schedule, (…)«

»(…) unable to offer his time due to a completely full schedule, (…)«

»(…) due to the artist's current schedule (…)«

»(…) but is over-loaded with commitments at this time (…)«

»But I am sorry to say, that I cannot find the time to write something (…)«

»(…) and his calendar his quite booked for the remaining of the year.«

»(…) schedule is overloaded et very complicated for the next few years and makes it impossible for him to take part in your project.«

»Unfortunately time constraints will not allow us to send a proposal.«

»We tend to stay focused on the here and now (…)«

»(…) not find the time to follow your invitation due to his very busy schedule.«

»she is not able to commit the time to this project at the moment.«

»He is rehearsing for his new production AND cutting a movie AND preparing the new season.«

»Thank you for your invitation; but I don't have time to deal with it -- I'm
more concerned about what we should be doing now.«

»(…) and so I am a bit overwhelmed and do not have time to THINK.«

»I'm really sorry for not having replied earlier but it was quite a busy time
for me, having to cope with todays issues left me no time to think about
what I would like to to in 2023 ( except being alive I guess...)«

»Shortly, I'm fully booked till 2009, so there is no time for further
projects, sorry.«

»(…) but would like to direct my energy towards the near future.«

»I am sorry but i have no satisfying idea for this Nr.200. How to interpret this impossibility to think in the futur. I am not able to think about a work that would be realized in 2023. Probably I will have retired from this activity when i will be 60 years old. Maybe I will be dead in 2023 and that makes me impossible to project any idea. Pitty that might have been a chance to produce a work as a dead person. Shit that is quite scary and maybe that is what blocks me. I can only think about geriatric performances but nothing that make sense for me in regard to your proposal today.«